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Alcoholic Myths

Alcoholic Myths

There are certain myths that surround the topic of alcohol. There are many things that are said every now and then and people often use many of them to get drunk casually. As it is said- What is wrong, it is wrong. And there are no ifs and buts that can change the fact that alcohol has its own certain effects not just physically but in many different aspects of life. Here are some of the most common myths that are being watered regularly and are in need of some clearance.

1. Occasional Drinking is fine:

Though the fact that is to be taken care of is how often these occasions are coming. It is a big myth that if you are getting hammered only now and then, you are not ruining your health. Though the actual fact is it is ruining your health and you will have consequences without even noticing.

There is a limit to how much a human body can tolerate alcohol and if one exceeds the limit by drinking regularly or by having some drinks casually, the body will have its reactions. 

2. Meals can keep you Sober:

There is this big myth that is you eat a heavy meal or you have your stomach full than you will stay sober.

Though the very simple fact is, food in your stomach only delays the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. A full stomach won’t keep you from feeling the effects of alcohol or getting drunk.

3. Drunk and in Control:

This is the most ironic thing that goes around and today many youngsters have this believe that they can get drunk and still be in control. Drinking has its own effects and your body starts reacting far sooner than you expect.

Drinking impairs your judgment, which increases the likelihood that you will do something you'll later regret such as having unprotected sex, damaging property, or being victimized by others.

4. Alcohol is an Energy Drink:

There is no way that can satisfy this statement. In fact, this is just an excuse to have more drinks and slowly and gradually turn into an addict. 

Alcohol is not an energy drink in fact alcohol is more of opposite. Alcohol is a depressant that slows your ability to think, speak and move. Your perception, coordination and judgement will be affected before you notice any physical signs of impairment.

5. Alcohol helps you Sleep:

Yet another way to satisfy oneself that alcohol is something not that bad. The fact is alcohol is everything opposite that you think. Alcohol may help you sleep faster but it cuts away the quality sleep time that your body actually needs.

 You will sleep in the restless manner and the very fact that is unalterable is that sleeping drunk will wake you up restless, hammered and not in the position to be start a day.

6. Alcohol makes you Socially Glimmer:

You cannot change the fact that alcohol leaves a big mark on your social life as well. It not only affects your health but also makes you the one who thinks slow under the influence. Alcohol may make you less inhibited, but physiologically, it reduces your performance. You may end up engaging in something you hadn’t planned on, including unprotected sex. And that could result in unwanted pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV).

But the Deaddiction center in Bhopal will surely make your life sober and your social glimmer can come back.

7. Women can Drink Equal to Men:

Everybody has their own way of reacting with the substance of alcohol. And this applies on the women and men body as well.

The body of women can handle less alcohol as compared to that of men. No matter how much he drinks, if you drink the same amount as your male friend, you will be more intoxicated and more impaired.

8. Sobering up takes Times:

There are many people who believe that it is in their hands how fast they want to get sober. Though the very fact is the only thing that can get you sober is time. No coffee and cold showers can do that work for you. It takes about 2 hours for the adult body to eliminate the alcohol content of a single drink, depending on your weight. Nothing can speed up this process.

9. Alcohol is not a Drug:

It is a giant myth that alcohol is not a drug. It is a type of drug that reduces the functioning of nervous system. It is often not termed as the drug because it is legal. But what makes it dangerous is that there are more deaths counts from alcohol as compared to illegal drugs.

10. Alcohol keeps you Warmer:

What is often seen is soon after the consumption of alcohol you get warm and the reason for this is that after alcohol consumption the blood rushes in the body and at the same time it goes away from other body parts, including your internal organs. As a result, the body becomes less cold-resistant, although there are no visible signs of that.

Another myth tagged along with alcohol is:

That this is a disease that cannot be treated.

This is a disease but the treatment to it is not impossible. Shri Shuddhi deaddiction centre is a home away from home. A Rehabilitation in Bhopal, will fight this with you and help you get through this in the most natural and good way.

Join us and you won’t be alone in this anymore. Nasha Mukti Kendra in Bhopal will not only give the answer to every question you have but will assure you to provide you with the best services.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 16 Jul 2019

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