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Alcohol Effect (Personally, Family, Socially And Nationwide)

Alcohol Effect (Personally, Family, Socially And Nationwide)

The alcohol is like that dooms that not only effects your health but also your personal life you family and it won't obviously spare your social life. We being a part of this growing nation, we as a citizen have several responsibilities to fulfill. This can ruin the person's social image and can harm the professional life as well. While the people are entered in the rehabilitation centers all the time. There are many stories that came with tears from the patients of Shri Shuddhi Deaddiction center, Bhopal proving how alcohol can make you vulnerable and highly dependent.

Effect on Personal Life

Being a crucial drinker be it of any age. This problem not only grows the anxiety but also stops your personal growth. There are many people who consume alcohol due to any one failure, but the very obvious fact is being an addict will take away all the coming or maybe be bigger opportunities in front of you.

There are many people who regret touching the bottle the very first time and they are paying for their first sip till date. Being an alcohol addict not only takes away your mental peace but also makes you the person who is running from the reality. These are just some outer solutions and the problems are inside and no inner problem can be solved from the outer solutions.
Alcohol takes away your personality and your confidence. You are mostly not in your senses or you are dealing with hangover, this will eventually take away the basic sense of judgment and understanding.

Effect on Family

Being an addict can easily take away the family peace and the innocence of the family. Any regular drinker will over use the family funds leading to the financial crises and several other problems. As talked to many families this problem is growing and the job done for human upliftment is done by the Rehabilitation center in Bhopal.

It is very often seen that when stopped the addict gets aggressive and this aggression may take the face of domestic abuse, leading to divorces or big disputes among family members.
Not only it effects the people in the family but the people who get most affected are children in the house. They are one of those people who are learning everything from everyone around and the fact that a very main member of the family is an addict cannot go unnoticed. It increases the chances of children getting a troubled relation with alcohol in future and these children usually have many emotional issues and it is hard for them to encounter such issues.

This creates a feeling of distrust for the addict children and other members of the family start to go apart from the certain member and this leads to a problematic family.
You may be the one who will always find reasons to drink and many a times when one doesn't find the company of regular drinkers who won't criticize them will jump to being the alone drinker. This will isolate you from the family and friend groups you have.
The guilt of not being able to quit drinking may lead to the stages of depression and many other mental problems. There are many problems that can grow with your habit of drinking.

Effects on Social Life

Alcohol snatches away your social identity and sticks a stinky one in place.
The social identity that may have taken years is taken away as soon as you become a regular drinker. People who are regular drinkers are most likely to have a stained social image. They are in more danger of dying through any accident or getting involved in serious accidents.

Alcohol grows the amount of aggression in the person and it is far more difficult for any addict to control his/her anger. And this aggression leads to certain stained relationships and unwanted injuries.
People who are involved in the high level of drinking habits usually involve in unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy. This kills the social image and this kind of social behavior is not acceptable among the sober and civilized members of the society.
By always being under the influence of the alcohol we tend to commit certain crimes and this will make you commit some things that you may never support in the sober manner. The thing that will affect more is that you will be eventually guilty in the eyes of law. Being even the one-time visitor to jail can come out to be a big spot on your social image.

Effect on Nation

Alcohol is not just a social issue but also a problem to nation as well. There are many accidents that are caused by just drunk heads. There are many people who are not involved in any illegal activity but they face the consequences of the addicts.

These regular drinkers not only create problems for normal citizens but for law as well. Always under the influence of alcohol one will commit such crimes that a sober mind will never do. And these things create a different kind of problems for the law and nation on the wide bases.

Effects after leaving

The total bliss will be to leave the alcohol and live a life where you are useful to the nation and to your family. Happiness is just a call away. Join the Deaddiction Centre In Bhopal,MP and lead the life you actually deserve.

Author: Rajan Tiwari
Date: 16 Jul 2019

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